Elephone P9000 might actually have a zero bezel design

elephone p9000

We have all been tricked by Elephone’s renders in the past that showed zero bezel when in fact there was a lot of bezel, enough bezel for two phones in some cases, but perhaps we can give them the benefit of the doubt this time round?

If we just rewind a little. Elephone will release 3 versions of the P9000, and the flagship model is the version that is touted as a bezel free phone. Chances are the other two are going to get the black bezel treatment (ala P7000) but the top of the range P9000 is going to have screen running from edge to edge.

Yes, actually I can hear what most of you are saying now and I too will believe it when I see it, but in the meantime Elephone have released renders of the phone and the bezel-less design.

elephone p9000

We can also see from the render that the side of the P9000 is CNC machined alloy (similar to the Xiaomi Mi4) and the display has a 2.5D curve to it.

The real proof though will be when the phone finally goes on sale, and judging from Elephone’s past releases we might be in for a very very long wait indeed.

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