Windows 10 ROM for Xiaomi Mi 4 now available to download

As promised by Xiaomi, you can now download and flash Windows 10 to your Xiaomi Mi 4.

The Mi 4 happens to be the first Xiaomi phone to benefit from the Microsoft-Xiaomi partnership. There’s a catch, however; the Windows 10 ROM for the Mi 4 is currently available only in Chinese, thereby eliminating the possibility of non-Chinese users flashing the ROM.

Xiaomi’s Mi Pad 2 that was launched recently is another Xiaomi device to offer Windows support, but that version of the Mi Pad 2 will go on sale a bit later… after the Android/MIUI version.

Coming back to Windows 10 for the Mi 4, unless you have another spare phone (ability to read Chinese is a given) we wouldn’t recommend you try and flash Windows 10 on it, at least not just yet. There’s confusion about which versions of the Mi 4 support the ROM; Xiaomi say that it is only for the LTE version.

You’ll also have to register for the Windows Insider program, and feedback from you would be expected which will be used to shape the next-gen Windows ROM for phones.

Full instructions and details can be found over at the MIUI Forums where the announcement was made.

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