VK World knock of the ZTE Axon with their VK700 Max

zte axon clone vk700 max

VK World are about to launch a phone they describe as “very good-looking” to us it looks like a knock off of the ZTE Axon designs.

The three features that VK are most excited about with the VK700 Max is the large 4200mAh battery, the design and the very low-price of only $65.99. On paper that sounds pretty good, a huge battery and a super low price, but it does mean you will have to live with a clone.

VK World have been heavily inspired by the Axon range of phones, and make a device that feature a very large black bezel around the screen, upper and lower patterned areas, and faux leather and stitching on the rear. Its a design that I am not sure ZTE managed to pull off, and neither have VK World.

VK700 Max ZTE Axon clone

Other specs haven’t been revealed, but as the phone is pegged as an affordable model with long battery life I assume it comes with a low resolution display and low-end Mediatek chipset.

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