UMi claim they have been sued by Ericsson

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Swedish communications giant Ericsson has made legal cases against a number of phone makers this year, but have they really started legal proceedings against UMi?

A pinch of salt simply won’t cover this news so I recommend sitting in a salty sea water bath, with a plate of salt sandwiches on the side while reading UMi’s claims.

In an article that UMi have titled “UMi the second Chinese phone maker after Xiaomi sued by Ericsson” the Chinese phone maker claims that Ericsson has sent them a letter ordering UMi to stop sales of the UMi Zero, Iron Pro and Hammer S through their Amazon store in the UK. The reason being that UMi has failed to meet Essential Patents agreements relating to 2G, 3G and 4G technology.

The fact that UMi seem quite proud of being sued and have shared the news with the media, forces me to be highly sceptical that this is the real deal, and nothing more than a way to generate some hype.

Still if it is true, what does it mean for other Chinese phone makers also selling their devices on Amazon in the UK. Will Elephone and others also get a similar angry letter?

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