Doogee F7 first Helio X20 with 2K force touch!

doogee f7 helio x20 2k phone

If you could pick all the top specs for a phone and create the ultimate wish list device, then I am sure it would end up sounding very much like the purported specifications of the Doogee F7.

Doogee are a well known brand, but not for being innovative or offering the best designs. They aren’t even known for having the latest chipsets, but according to their press release today they will be soon known for all of that and more.

Doogee F7: Worlds first Helio X20 phone?

Doogee claim that they have been working closely with Mediatek and the two companies have created the worlds first production ready Helio X20 phone. The Helio X20 is a 10 core processor and is also known as the MT6797.

doogee f7 helio x20 2k phone

Claiming to be the first with this much-anticipated chipset would be news enough for most phone makers, but Doogee have gone a little further revealing detailed hardware specifications for the Doogee F7.

doogee f7 helio x20 2k phone

According to the phone maker the Doogee F7 will sport a 5.7-inch 2K display with force touch technology, a 21 mega-pixel Sony IMX230 rear camera, and Android 6.0. All of this will be slipped inside a phone that measures only 7mm thick making it the thinnest 2K, force touch phone on the market.

While it is perfectly possible that Doogee could make a phone with this hardware (they are a large OEM after all) we do find ourselves doubting the information especially considering the retail price for this beast will be just $169.99!

Apparently Doogee will release the Doogee F7 early in 2016. Do you think they will come through? or are these specs to hard to swallow?

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