Lenovo Vibe X3 camera review

Lenovo Vibe X3 camera review

lenovo vibe x3 camera review

If you have been keeping up with the phones that we have on review then you will know that I took delivery of a Lenovo Vibe X3 last week, after a week of use I really impressed with the camera, so though I would share some samples.

Lenovo launched the Lenovo Vibe X3 in China last month and as soon as I saw it I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one to test out the front facing speakers, Dolby Atmos and of course the rear 21 mega-pixel camera.

Lenovo Vibe X3 Camera

lenovo vibe x3 camera

The main camera on the Lenovo Vibe X3 is a 21 mega-pixel unit. Lenovo don’t state the model of the sensor on their website, but Chinese tech sites say that it is the Sony IMX230. The sensor gets a 6 stack lens, PDAF (Phase detection auto focus), and F2.0 aperture. There’s also a dual tone dual LED flash too.

Lenovo Vibe X3 Camera App

The camera app on the Lenovo Vibe X3 is called ‘Snapit’ and it has a ton of great features. Opening the camera up for the first time and the app will automatically set itself in to ‘Smart Mode’.

lenovo vibe x3 camera

The idea of “Smart Mode” basically reads the available light and the scene to automatically set itself up to take the best photo. It does a good job and most I’ve left it on only switching to specific camera features now and then to really make the most of the camera.

If you don’t want to use the smart mode just hit the yellow ‘s’ and a regular ‘auto’ mode will activate. Above the smart mode icon is the button to switch to the front 8 mega-pixel camera, the top left is where the flash control is, and in the bottom left is another menu for further features.

lenovo vibe x3 camera

From here you can switch to Pro mode and take manual control of every camera setting. There is a Panorama mode, which does what it says on the tin. Below are the other features with short descriptions.

Art Nightscape

lenovo vibe x3 camera

With this model on you get to choose City Scape, Moving People, Stage and Indoor Low Light. I found that with any of these settings the camera really hunts for every available ounce of light and in some instances will create a really noisy photo. But play around with it and you can get some really nice night shots with it.

Artistic HDR

lenovo vibe x3 camera

Basically this is a suped up version of regular HDR wth special options for Automobile, Portrait, Still Life and City. Use this in the right scenario and you will be blown away with the photos that you can take.

Background Defocus

lenovo vibe x3 camera

Get up close to something in the foreground and the camera with take a photo of it first then a second photo of the background. Once done you can then set how much blur you want in the background with a slider and save it.

Panoramic Selfie

This is actually more like a wide photo selfie. If you can’t get everyone in a selfie you can use this option to first take a center photo then add a little extra on the left an right to get everyone in the image.

Fast Motion/ Slow Motion

Fast and slow video.

Lenovo Vibe X3 Photos Samples

Lenovo Vibe X3 Camera Conclusion

So far so good I am really impressed with the camera on the Lenovo Vibe X3. It’s fast offers great clarity and there are a ton of features to play about with to get the perfect photos.

My only issue with the Lenovo Vibe X3 so far is that I’ve still not got Google Services working on the phone yet, so I can’t really use it as my everyday phone properly yet but I do intent to try over the Christmas Holiday and enjoy this camera.

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  • AB Aldo Payardu

    Camera is really really impressive. How is the audio via headphones?

    • Audio is really impressive through headphones and the front speakers. Dolby Atmos really is wonderful for watching movies etc.

      • AB Aldo Payardu

        Thank you so much Andi. Is it as good as Le One Pro?

        • I’d say better

          • Andy Chan

            @[email protected]:disqus , which camera is better? letv x600 or this?

            • This makes better images, but the LETV is a faster camera

            • Andy Chan


  • vijay sud

    Wonder how expensive it is in China…coz the Cam seems really top drawer. Something to look forward to for Camera enthusiast, like me.

    • the 32GB model (which I have) is 2499 Yuan, the 64GB version with the same spec is 2999 Yuan. Both have SD card support which is why I went for the 32GB version 😀

  • Muhammad Yasir

    for the extravagant price tag , its a pretty fitting camera

  • MattD

    Damn you lenovo, you and your stupdly high price tag… I was so going to buy this if it weren’t out of my price leage…

    I’m sorry for stealing Muhammad’s catch phrase, but: lite version, please… Be cheap! 😀

    • There is a lite version for 1999 Yuan but the camera is a different model and only 13 mega-pixel

      • MattD

        I was talking about that “k4 note” rumored yesterday: i really hope it’s the same phone but at more fair cost!

        However, I’m not really stuck in the megapixel war, so 13mpx could be fine as long as well implemented!

      • Julio

        Hi Andi, hope all is well. I need to buy a phone and was wondering if you could give me your opinion. Which is the best phone between Redmi Note 3 and MI4C Prime edition? Which one the best camera, best quality sound, best longevity if taken care well? Thanks.

    • Tajwar

      I see…you got Yasir Syndrome.
      anyways yes the price is really high if it was around the 300$ mark it would be a steal.

      • MattD

        Yasyndrome! ?

  • Ramunas Kirvela

    what abound sound is there is any magic speaker sound, does DAC works in headphones well? can you make separate review according sound and battery?

    • Dante

      the dac is kinda for the headphoes only so…. :I

  • slartiblart

    That is very impressive. Best I’ve seen to date. Better than the mi4c and honor 6 plus – which I rate as top cameras and lenses. The k3 note which I also own is also a very good camera. But this. Wow.

  • eliHd

    Am I the only one that finds the pictures quality just above average? They are good but Not impressive, just above average. For the price you are paying for x3 in my opinion the camera sharpness can be improve and the colour is on the cooler side imo

  • jaro69

    Hey Guys, did someone found how to get google services on this phone? it its possible, it will be 100 % buy for me

    • jaro69

      Nobody ?? :-((((

  • Carlos Orff

    I do not see 4K video recording on the list…is there one?

    • Én

      It can record in 4K. Slow and fast motion works only in 720p tho :/

      • Tom

        And it is up-sampled 400p video with terrible quality.

  • אפרים שרביט

    When will you do a full review???

    • After I get back from Christmas and New Year with my family

      • Nahúm Pérez Mesa

        Where is that, on Spain Andi Sykes?

  • balcobomber25

    I hope the camera app is based off Super Camera, which is already one of the best camera apps available.

  • Dennis Angelo

    wow, this is quite an improvement. I currently have the vibe x2 and the camera is very bad in quality

  • Luiz Fernando Koch

    Vibe shot or vibe x3?

    • Én

      Vibe Shot has a better camera, but all in all X3 is a better phone. Can’t decide either 🙂

  • Én

    Have you found camera bugs? My X3 for example sometimes freezes during ISO200 and automatic shutter speed at low light conditions, and sometimes makes very dark pictures.

  • iTruth

    Hello Andy…have you been able to install google services on the Vibe X3 yet?

    • nope, but an international rom should be available soon

      • King

        Now that you guys confirmed it’s launch in India … pretty sure you will find a way to get the International ROM or the Google play services.

  • rtjoa

    Vibe X3 or Meizu Pro 5? Thanks

    • Vibe

      • rtjoa

        Thanks Andi :). I look forward for your full review.

  • Abhi_007

    Hey Andi I’m just curious for your full review on Lenovo Vibe X3… It’s been over a month since your last Camera review of the same device. Please post a full review if you have time for it. It’s a humble request to you & I’ll be very grateful of you.

    • yes, still waiting to get the international ROM, should be soon now

      • MinusPlusDivide

        how about ZTE axon mini too?

      • Roshi

        Could you just review Photos without international ROM?

  • Dr Solom

    no OIS??

  • mp5

    The picture of the park look like watercolour paint when you zoom in….terrible…I think Meizu Pro 5 is much better bcoz it actually come out top in this snow scene shoot out (Just ignore what the reviewer say, look at the picture for proof). Look out for the great detail & dynamic range of Meizu Pro 5 camera here: http://www.gsmarena.com/iphone_6s_plus_vs_lg_v10_vs_galaxy_note5-review-1366p2.php

    • These photos were taken with the original ROM, there have been updates since. Also the Vibe X3 is much much more affordable and a better equipped phone than the Meizu.

      • Faisal Shaharyar

        But Meizu uses IMX220.i think there will be a slight advantage to IMX230. but still both will be good if they have good level of options in manual mode than auto mode

    • MaxPower

      Build some reputation before saying to ignore the reviewer and then we might talk.

      • King

        Ok I am getting this phone… it has been launched for 19,990 INR (roughly $293). Great camera and great sound too… else Andi woudn’t like a Lenovo phone. 😀 yay!!!

        • MaxPower

          Did you make up your mind?
          I’m still debating, I’m waiting for the Redmi Note 3 Pro (SD650 version) to go in stock and get reviewed but by that time all the flagships will come out as well.

          I’m holding tool the end of February, not longer than that though

          • King

            Looks like I have to hold too… there was a taxation glitch… have to wait until end of February to get the dough rolled back. 😀 … lol.

        • MaxPower

          At $293 is a great deal.
          Through resellers it costs me $430 plus shipping… 🙁

          • King

            Ouch… that hurts i am sure.

            • MaxPower

              They are getting greedier and greedier surcharging more and more.
              I was wondering how come none in India is going to resell Chinese phones since almost every brand is there already.
              I would totally do it if I lived there.

    • balcobomber25

      The Vibe X3 retails for under $300, the Pro 5 retails for around $450. I would hope the more expensive phone has a better camera.

      The “reviewer” here is the founder of the site and one of the more respected authorities on Chinese phones. (next to myself of course, j/k Andi lol)

    • Faisal Shaharyar

      also Meizu uses older sensor IMX220..
      the only thing that it offers is lot of controls in manual mode

  • What’s the difference between Smart and Auto modes? I thought Auto mode calculates light level and chooses the best ISO, which sounds like what Smart mode does.

  • VMortens

    Any 5-incher with a camera like that currently on the market? Just don’t say: OPX, ok?

  • Roshi

    Is this camera is better than oneplus 2 camera?

  • kiki

    Ok this phone have better camera appliacation then Meizu. But can you lease make comparison between Meizu MX5 and Lenovo Vibe X3?

    You will do a very good joob if you can make this.

  • Jay

    I got the Lenovo K4 Note for a family member, and am planning to get the Vibe X3 for myself. I have not found any ways to root the phones yet though.

    Any pointers anyone?

  • sai bhagavan

    Does IMX 230 have a f 2.2 aperture?

  • Roshi

    How is the OS fluidity as we have seen many lags in the OS in previous generations?

  • Zaki

    With all these new phones coming out, I’m really curious as to how the camera phone rankings are changing. From what I’ve read here on Gizchina, it seems the Letv Le 1, Xiaomi Mi Note, and now the Vibe X3 are the top contenders?

  • Jay

    @Gizchina:disqus, can you confirm if there is an IR blaster on the phone that can be used as a universal remote? Though gsmarena reports the feature, Amazon does not specify an IR sensor/blaster.

    Your confirmation would be much appreciated as it contributes to a purchase decision :o)

  • Iron

    I have vibe x3 and the camera is terrible. On highest settings it struggles when there isn’t a ton of light, and the autofocus works 50/50 even if u hold the phone with minimal arm movement. For some reason the Panoramic mode does not focus at all and it is impossible to make it work.