Elephone P9000 ‘crowdfunding’ details

Elephone P9000

Even with the Elephone Vowney MIA, Elephone are pushing ahead with the launch of the Elephone P9000 with a ‘crowdfunding’ event. Details below.

Chinese phone makers are known for building up hype, then creating special offer presales, to generate more interest in their product, but it is quite obvious to them now that we are all much more savvy to their ‘marketing’ tricks so phone makers are trying new tactics.

elephone p9000

Elephone’s plan it to hole a ‘crowdfunding’ event which requires customers to pay a small deposit towards the Elephone P9000. In return the customer will receive a voucher that will reduce the cost of the phone by as much as $50 (pay $5 and you will get a voucher for $50 off the price of the P9000, $3 will earn you a $30 voucher). The idea is different to a presale as the initial outlay from customer is much less, and as a result Elephone are hoping for many many more thousands of orders.

elephone p9000

The event launched yesterday (25th December) for both types of Elephone P9000 and already 2006 people have backed the P9000 model with a price of less than $200 promised, and 2087 backers opting for the $150 P9000 Lite.

With such a low entry price we are sure that many more people will take part before the offer expires on the 15th January 2016, but how long will people need to wait before their P9000’s ship?

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