Elephone W2 unboxing and hands on

Elephone have sent over the Elephone W2 wearable to take a look at, here’s our unboxing and first impressions.

The Elephone W2 is the 2nd wearable from Elephone, but this new device is by far more desirable than the original W1 bracelet.

Wearables are all over the market, but the Elephone W2 is a little different as it uses traditional watch movements with a few smart features that sync with your smartwatch or tablet.

Elephone W2 first impressions

elephone w2 watch

The W2 connects to your device (with Android or iOS) via Bluetooth and is set up with the dedicated Elephone W2 application (available on Google Play).

Like similar wearables, such as the Mi Band, the main features of the Elephone W2 are to simply count steps and monitor your sleep, but there are a few additional features.

The fact that it has Swiss watch movements means the W2 can actually display the time, a huge advantage over the Mi Band. The Elephone wearable also offers remote camera control, and a battery life of up to 3 months.elephone w2 watch

Included in the Elephone W2 packaging is the watch, a strap, screwdriver, and 3 batteries (one already installed) plus there’s a quickstart guide to get you up and running.

elephone w2 watch

The straps simply clip in to place, and the screwdriver is to take off the rear and replace the battery. With 3 included batteries you have 9 months of use without needing to buy another, just be careful when you unscrew the rear the screws are very small and easy to loose.

elephone w2 watch

Three controls on the W2’s stainless steel body include a power switch for Bluetooth (the top button). A dial to set the time (in the middle) and the final button is for changing modes and seeing your exercise progress through the day.

elephone w2 watch

LED lights on the face have blue, green and red colours. Blue being sleep mode Green means the watch is on or is synching data a red means low battery.

elephone w2 watch

Although the metal body feels heavy and looks bulky in the hand it looks fine once the strap is attached, and on your wrist is is really comfortable.

The Elephone developed app is also surprisingly good too and setting the watch up on my OnePlus X was super straightforward.

I’ll be wearing the Elephone W2 watch for the next few days so keep an eye out for the full review coming very soon.

Elephone W2 Gallery

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