Ulefone going down the Vertu route with latest design

ulefone new design

With the Chinese New Year out of the way, Chinese phone makers are gearing up to release all new models, what we didn’t expect though is this latest design from Ulefone.

What makes Ulefone a little different from some phone makers is the fact that the company designs phones in house rather than working with external design companies. It means that the company might not launch as many phones as other brands, but it does allow Ulefone to have a design language throughout its ranges.

The current language they have settled on is based around the curved metal body of the Be Touch and Paris phones, but this could be set to end with the release of a new leather bound phone for 2016.

The new device is unamed for now but uses a shape and style obviously borrowed from Vertu phones and offers a plush leather bound case.

In our opinion we find it odd that Ulefone would build such a niche device, but perhaps they believe their bezel-less Ulefone Future phone might be enough to win over the mainstream audience and this new phone could be just what they need to pick of few new niche fans.

No details on the internal specifications, but chances are we will see the phone on show at MWC.

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