Ulefone Power gets its first OTA update

ulefone power hands on

After being in the OEM business for a while, Ulefone only really stepped up on their self-branded phones about a year and a half back. Since then, they’ve come a long way to become an often-discussed brand here on GizChina.

Big-battery phones are the craze right now, and Ulefone have a candidate of their own in the Ulefone Power. Speaking of the Power, the phone just got its first OTA update.

The update — identified with20160129 — doesn’t really bring any new features to the Ulefone Power, but solves some existing issues. For example, the 20160129 update fixes the malfunctioning LED notification light and wrong CPU information that’s displayed on CPU-Z.

Gizchina News of the week

“Ulefone promise to release at least one update per month for Ulefone Power until it satisfies most users”

Besides the update, another promise that comes from Ulefone today, in their own words: “Ulefone promise to release at least one update per month for Ulefone Power until it satisfies most users.”

Not bad, eh?

Let’s wait and see if they deliver. Meanwhile, check your Ulefone Power handsets for the OTA notification. And as usual try to have battery levels over 50% and a strong WiFi signal before attempting to upgrade!

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  1. Young
    February 23, 2016

    Ulefone is aiming higher.

    I like this. They should build a community like XIaomi forum.

  2. Assefa Hanson
    February 23, 2016

    Good ulefone

  3. balcobomber25
    February 23, 2016

    It’s very good to see a brand like Ulefone releasing OTA’s. This is often one of the things that separates these smaller brands from the larger ones.

    • xi7
      March 16, 2016

      lol, bullying after update OTA…. 9h normal use with 6050mah, fingerprint fail sometimes, high temperature. X_x

      -last update homtom ht6 * monster !

  4. curamrda
    February 23, 2016

    hmm… they should fix the battery leaking… I loose 7-8% of battery during night… or even dont touch the phone whole day…and 20% is gone… even after factory reset… the stripe showing phone active, is almost not interupted… not really nice 🙁

    • Joel Adames
      February 24, 2016

      Try an App called DOZE (it shows a purplish owl in the play store) it helps my phon . A lot.

  5. Mihnea Perianu
    February 24, 2016

    I think ulefone is building its phones manually, like Jiayu did, because many of them have defects. Or maybe their quality control is bad. A lot of users who bought Paris complain about spots on screen (yellow usually). Even my brother in law has this defect on his phone. Me, I stick with Meizu.

  6. Smashmaster
    February 24, 2016

    Have the phone now for about a week and a half. Must say I’m pretty happy with it. I get about 2.5 days of usage out of the battery.
    @ Curamrda said, the leakage during night, on flight mode, is about 5/6% which is quite much. Perhaps that ;s why they made the function to automatically turn the phone on and of on specific times.

    Does anyone know a dedicated forum for ulefone power where I could find information on the phone/updates/progess/news etc?

  7. Nilzie
    February 24, 2016

    why does it run 32 bit android?

  8. Tarantino
    February 24, 2016

    This is a good performance, ulefone should continue to adhere to this kind of work.

  9. E8hffff
    June 18, 2016

    What’s the directory of the OTA zip. I need to get past modded phone not allowing update process.