Gizcam wide-angle lens accessory review

gizcam wide angle lens

Wide-angle lenses for smartphones are nothing new, but this is the first time we have tested them here on, so how does the Gizcam wide-angle lens system perform?

Gizcam are a relatively new brand that specialises in camera accessories for smartphones and action cameras. Their range of products includes universal lens kits for smartphones and hand-held gimbals that can be used with action cameras or smartphones.

Gizcam Wide-angle lens review – in the box

The simple cardboard box is filled with a foam insert to keep the glass lens nice and safe while in transit. In addition to the wide-angle lens, there is also a simple plastic clip, microfiber cloth, cloth carry case and lens cap included.

Gizcam Wide-angle lens review – design and use

gizcam wide angle lens

The plastic clip has a rubber foot so that it won’t mark the screen of your phone, and is designed to fit a wide variety of smartphones, but its the placement of the camera which will determine of the lens will be compatible with your phone or not.

Generally speaking if the camera on your phone is located in the top right, top left, or top centre this kit should work find for you. I used the kit on the Xiaomi Mi Note, OnePlus X and Vivo X6 Plus without issue, but I couldn’t get it to work with the Meizu MX5 or OnePlus 2 due to their camera location.

gizcam wide angle lens

Fitting the Gizcam wide-angle lens is a snap, quite literally it just snaps in to position. However, I do find that it is much easier to set up on a phone with a slight bezel around the rear camera as it helps to locate the lens easier. Not, getting the lens centered will result in blurred images.

The lens itself is a super wide-angle design and is fitted to a solid alloy body. The unit is quite heavy and will make your phone top-heavy when in use, but the included plastic clip offers more than enough grip to keep it in place even on thinner phones.

gizcam wide angle lens

According to the Gizcam specs the lens in their wide-angle kit offers 238 degree views. It’s not possible for me to measure this, but I can tell you that the lens offers such a wide view that its possible to capture your hand (holding the phone) in photos. In fact my hand is in view to the right of some of these sample photos.

Gizcam Wide-angle lens review – photo samples

Gizcam Wide-angle lens review – conclusion

I was skeptical how useful this add-on lens would be when I received it for review, but as soon as I took my first photo with it I saw the potential. If you enjoy taking photos with your smartphone and are looking for a new angle to work from I would certainly suggest you give the Gizcam Wide-angle lens a try.

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