Elephone run through the differences between the P9000 and P9000 Lite

Elephone run through the differences between the P9000 and P9000 Lite


Elephone have shot a short video comparing the differences between the Elephone P9000 and the P9000 Lite.

For those of you finding it hard to keep up with the Elephone P9000 range and their differences, Elephone have put together the above short video.

In the video we see the current P9000 vs the soon to be launched P9000 Lite which looks physically identical but features some important differences.

If you don’t have time to watch the entire video then not to worry as I have listed the differences below.

Differences between the Elephone P9000 and P9000 Lite

Elephone P9000

Elephone P9000 Lite

Metal CNC frame

Plastic Frame

13 megapixel Sony rear camera

13 mega-pixel OV rear camera



Laser auto focus

No laser auto focus

Fingerprint scanner

No fingerprint scanner

8 mega-pixel front camera

5 mega-pixel front camera



Elephone have already confirmed that they are sending over the P9000 Lite for review.

It will be interesting to see if the lower end version of the phone offers a better experience and if they have done a better job with the rear camera optimisations.



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  • Trayanee

    Plastic frame for Lite? No extras, even worse camera for such a price? I doubt they are going to sell any. Maybe at $150 until more P10 phones become available. Or am I missing something here?

    • MattD

      “worse camera” is yet to be seen: maybe this 13mpx shooter can be better than the 21mpx one! As they use little sensors (not talking about resolution, but how big the sensor itself if), a greater resolution can be a worse idea and produce worse results (think at the sensor size as a room, and mpx as people entering that room… If the room is small, it’s better having less people than having more).

      However, camera will probably still sucks for this price range, and, as you already said, the lack of every possible plus makes it even more overpriced…

      • Marco Lancaster

        The P9000 camera was terrible… so what to expect from a “lite” version?

        • Yeti hand

          We can expect it to be ”lite” terrible??

        • MattD

          What to expect from whatever elephone? 😀
          The only thing I pointed out is that the camera is not going to be worse because of the lower resolution, as 13mpx are easier to be handled than 21mpx… The camera is going to be worse because it’s elephone, that’s all, it’s not a matter of mpxs ?

          • Stef

            Actually Elephone phones are probably great if you’re not planning using their camera. 6+ months going strong on a P8000. There’s even a working CM Rom that has been automated lately (may well get start getting automated CM nightlies), I think that’s a first for a budget Chinese phone: http://forum.xda-developers.com/elephone-p8000/orig-development/rom-cyanogenmod-12-1-p8000-t3259022

            But yeah, they’re practically phones without camera. Paying anything more than $150 for an Elephone and you’re being duped. Never pay more than $150 for Elephones…

        • Steven Fox

          The P9000 Lite camera is actually better, but that’s not to say the sensor is better, just that it’s properly optimized.

    • balcobomber25

      I am not sure the camera can get any worse unless they fail to include one lo. Even at $150 who would buy this is over Redmi Note 3 or other similar priced phones?

  • smileypete

    Oh f*ck this!!!

    3rd March – Elephone run through the differences between the P9000L and P9000 Lite
    2nd March – Elephone wants you to be the voice of their Explorer Pro
    1st March – Elephone M3 sample photos
    26th Feb – Watch: Elephone’s ‘bezel-less’ S3 on video

    Please!!! Please!!! NO more than ONE Elephone article PER WEEK!

    • Riccardo Benzoni

      one for week? You’d be lucky if they limit to one a day 😀

  • VMortens

    I like the pricing … Watch me run to the shop and spending even 220$ on an Elephone – xaxaxaxa. Not even to mention the 270$ one 😀

  • balcobomber25

    $219 for a phone that includes next to nothing? The Elephone comedy tour continues.

  • Muhammad Yasir

    doesnt matter bros … the lens in the cam is pure bollocks !
    no one’s buying this psuedo-promising package !

    better yet , Elephone , take 3 months off on RELEASING phones , think on WHAT went wrong and carefully design a phone that can challenge iphone , Galaxy and other big boys and meticulously manufacture and release it !

  • Danny

    Its a shame i really was hopping the P9000 to be a turning point for Elephone, but it seems they continue to FAIL in what matters, good software and good usability.

    There are some really neat features in terms of hardware on the P9000 and the one key thing is an interesting idea as well, even though the design is very generic it does not compromise.

    However a 21MPx phone that takes pictures worse than most phones from the past two years is something to really consider. They clearly have issues implementing a good camera design and software, the thing is if they actually did a good job in this area once they could just reuse it multiple times, like iPhone, OPO, etc… who cares if the camera is 21MPx if an 8 MPx phone produces much better results?

    I dont get it, they must get this message millions of times, why dont they just fix this, hire someone from one of those companies that got it right!

    Why keep doing the same mistake over and over again?

    One P9000 would be enough, no one will buy the Lite version for a $50 price difference, it simply does not make sense.

    Also the intro music and elephone logo are simply horrible. Spin off 20 really talented and experienced people and do a real phone that people will want to buy for $299

    • balcobomber25

      The problem is they don’t want to invest the money required. Instead they use the same bargain basement low quality camera lens on every phone advertise the phone as having a top Sony sensor and hope no one will notice.

      • Danny

        Indeed there is a public misunderstanding that more MPx is better. However we see the iPhone 5s 8MPx outperforme many higher pixel counts. I think there should be like a public service article on every mobile phone publication explaining this every week hahaha.

        But the thing is they never get away with it, if as a buyer you read a review. On the other hand, the last time I was browsing phones in a local eletronics shop people were comming to me to teld them what was a decent phone (i think i was waring Shirt similar to the people that worked there, because 3 women asked me for advise), so they were looking at specs and more is better always (not).

  • Wolvie

    Uhm i think more or less, most of the forum readers already know that Elephone is a SCAM company that always cheat their customer money and give false spec on their product (on purpose ?), keep promising a products that never existed, etc and a whole more bunch long list of negative comments that i don’t need to list here.

    Also Elephone Quality Control is always below standard, only their casing look is good but the rest of the their product parts (i think probably both Hardware & Software) are rubbish.

    Question is why this darn Elephone news always come every week with different “advertising”.

    It looks like Elephone are really (i mean REALY REALLY REALLY) desperate to steal people attention to their products.

    Come on Elephone, just make sure you release a decent price, durable,and be honest with your advertised hardware specs (don’t cheat).

    And maybe you can refer to Xiaomi and try to copy what they have done. if Xiaomi can do, you also can do. As simple as that.

    • highwind

      Copy limited LTE bands, ROMs without multilanguage and locked bootloaders? No, thanks…

    • Stef

      All those people writing all this stuff ever actually owned an Elephone product? I wonder.

      There are companies much much worse than Elephone, and while Elephone is one of the low quality ones, I wonder where all this comes from. I don’t hear the same about other equally bad or worse companies.

      Worse still, no budget company apart from Elephone release sources in clear violation of GPL, it is *actually* illegal to use android in your product without releasing sources. Talking about scammy companies.

      I’m starting to think that some of the members here are paid to talk sh** for competitor companies…

      • Rene

        Have been thinking the exact same thing. I have owned the P8000, and a friend received it recently also, and we both thought it is absolutely fantastic, especially with the Eragon rom and custom kernels.

        Would be interested in the P9000 if it had all three capacitive keys instead of just one.

  • Steven Fox

    I actually believe that the Omnivision sensor in the 9000Lite is better, Elephone haven ever manager to get any Sony sensor working to full capacity, but OV provide much better software support(lesser known brand).
    I have seen the P9000 camera on reviews and although focus is faster it’s not accurate half of the time and shoots blurry photos(again software problem, people expect Elephone to fix it with an OTA, but we all know that’s wishful thinking), while the OV sensor takes more time to focus, but there is hardly a wrong shot when ti does.