After the Ninbot scooter, Xiaomi eyes the bicycle market

Xiaomi gives cool (or lazy?) folks in China the option to move around on its very affordable Ninebot mini. It’s a sure shot way to neglect your fitness, but if you don’t want to fall into that trap, there’s a healthier — albeit pricier — alternative in the making.

Xiaomi have invested in iRiding, a startup that makes a $3000 ‘smart’ bicycle. This is the very bicycle that Xiaomi will sell.

It’ll be sold through Xiaomi’s e-commerce platforms under the QiCycle brand.

The bike comes with sensors and such, and with a weight of just 7 kilograms (15.4pounds), the bike is fairly lightweight. It works on a hybrid system, with energy harnessed from pedalling and electric batteries.


According to folks privy to the matter, the Taiwan-assembled bike will soon have a more affordable sibling, directly under the Xiaomi brand. This version is expected to sell at a more Xiaomi-esque $450-500.

With each passing year, Xiaomi’s interest — and portfolio — expands towards being a lifestyle brand. Action cameras, phones, tablets, smart home accessories, a scooter, are a few things that Xiaomi already has in the offering.

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