Video: Ulefone test the audio performance of the Ulefone Vienna

Ulefone Vienna Audio Test

Ulefone have posted another video of their Vienna smartphone once again highlighting the audio quality of the phone.

The Ulefone Vienna boasts a few important additions to its hardware which make it a possible good choice for audiophiles or just about anyone wanting better than average audio performance.

The test in the video has the Ulefone Vienna plugged in to a set of high-end HiVi M200MKI speakers and demonstrates the audio performance through 7 different tracks from bass and treble to vocals and pop music.

In the video the audio does sound impressive but we would argue that most phones would sound good set up to such a nice set of speakers, also the sceptical of you out their might be wondering if the phone is first connected to a DAC before the speakers to boost quality? Take a look below.

Still Ulefone do seem enthusiastic on producing an audio centric phone, and if they have really pulled it off it’s going to be the most affordable audio option on the market with a retail price of $199.99 and presale price of only $169.99.

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