Xiaomi Mi Note 2 specs sounds like a speed boost over the original

xiaomi mi note

Details of the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 depict a phone with performance updates over the original rather than any major change.

The original Xiaomi Mi Note launched last year with a classy body and, in the Pro version, a 2K display so where could Xiaomi take the Mi Note 2?

Well according to new leaks, the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 might just feature a performance update over the original Mi Note with a change of chipset, more RAM and more memory.

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In fact the next gen Mi Note might be a Mi Note 1S or similar rather than a new phone, and from sources could have between 4-6GB RAM, options for 32/64 or 128GB memory (there is even a 256GB model rumoured too) and a Snapdragon 820 chipset.

The screen size will remain 5.7-inch but now will start with a 2K model and the panel could feature a 3D force touch interface.

Xiaomi are also expected to update the cameras to a 16 mega-pixel Sony IMX298 on the rear with OIS, 5 mega-pixel up front and 3600mAh battery and fast charging.

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  1. Wandering Android
    April 1, 2016


  2. Adam Irvine
    April 1, 2016

    Battery seems small doesn’t it..? I don’t understand how they can throw a 4000mAh at the Redmi 3 Pro and Redmi Note 3 Pro and they can’t at a bigger phone???

    • April 1, 2016

      Great question!!

    • MaxPower
      April 1, 2016

      Because they have to care of design too.
      This is going to be a pricey phone which competes with the other flagships so they have to make it thin as well.
      I think 3600 mha sounds like a good compromise ( even if I love my 4000 mha battery)

      • Nilzie
        April 1, 2016

        Considering the great battery life people get out of mi5 I wouldnt be worried about battery life for note 2.

        • MaxPower
          April 1, 2016

          There’s never too much battery 😉

    • POY
      April 1, 2016

      motherboard is bigger with the SD820 so can’t fit

  3. Steven Fox
    April 1, 2016

    Well what did you expect? There is no powerful chipset than the SD820 currently, so the Note is a more preium buid, larger screen version of the Mi5, it was always like this.
    This is how things have always been.

  4. balcobomber25
    April 1, 2016

    The original Mi Note was a slight upgrade over the Mi4 with a larger screen, it’s the same with the Samsung Note and Galaxy.

  5. April 1, 2016

    mi note 2 must be better than mi note

  6. Ulti
    April 1, 2016

    I’m pretty happy with my Mi Note but just need more storage. I can’t seem to find a 64GB Mi Note, not sure if they even exist.

    If they release the Mi Note with similar specs to the Mi5 with the same price with the same looks as the original Mi Note but with slimmer bezels then I’m sold.

  7. Biborno Bornil
    April 1, 2016

    keep the screen resolution FHD in Mi note 2, take it to 2k in Mi note 2 pro

  8. john
    April 1, 2016


    • MaxPower
      April 2, 2016

      It’s not gonna happen.

  9. rinki
    April 2, 2016

    a smartphone should first and foremost function as one the best.
    invest more on your camera and speakers ..the screen was excellent even before and 4gb ram is more than enough ..a FHD display as well .
    of course battery .