Do you want to win Bluboo Picasso and XFire 2?

Entry-level segment of the smartphone market is pretty crowded lately and almost every single one of the makers want the piece of the pie. Bluboo is no exception to that rule and recently they are trying to gain ground with new models Bluboo Picasso and Bluboo XFire 2. And those two exact models you have a chance of winning today.


Bluboo Picasso is a 5-inch budget smartphone with Android 5.1 Lollipop and low price of 69.99$. Oh and it can survive even 50 meter fall, at least in the following video 🙂

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Second phone to win is Bluboo XFire 2, which is full metal smartphone also with Android 5.1 Lollipop and 69.99$ price, but with fingerprint scanner.


Exact rules for the giveaway are available in this link, but because its a Facebook based giveaway revolving around “Like” and “Share” i’m pretty sure our readers wont need much hinting at how to enter for a chance to win Bluboo Picasso or XFire 2.

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  1. ksuuk
    April 8, 2016

    No, I don’t.

    • jonscravit
      April 8, 2016

      i happy for you…
      people who pick something for those who don’t have money is a dream, don’t deserve to win anything

      • ksuuk
        April 9, 2016

        Well, chance to win something is almost zero, so why a rise a hope? And
        Bluboo -s attitude is quite bad, they don’t reply or keep promises, so
        sometimes better save money and buy a product with the good support,
        than get a free item without any support.

      • MitsosDaBest
        April 11, 2016

        @jonscravit:disqus __ You mad bro? This contest is a scam, you invite your FB friends and tell how much cool company Bluboo is (not), just to have 1 chance of the 1000000 to win a free phone. Just look at the FB comments and see that some people invite over 20 friends and if they get many likes, Bluboo will pick them to win… Maybe most accounts are fake. This is not a fair contest, so I won’t enter…

  2. bbc
    April 8, 2016


    • jonscravit
      April 8, 2016

      people who pick something for those who don’t have money is a dream, don’t deserve to win anything

      • bbc
        April 12, 2016

        i am happy for you jon

  3. Angry Mobile Nerd
    April 9, 2016

    Good thing they’re not picking a GizChina commenter at random otherwise I would want to enter to NOT win.

  4. jasneskis
    April 10, 2016

    I srongly dislike Facebook share contest. I don’t like third party involvement. I turn negative on any brand that pushes that kind of promotion. I tell my friends what I like personally. If face book does the telling my friends know I don’t like whatever it is.

  5. AndrTech
    May 30, 2016

    Of course we want to win, haha. I found an interesting video for Bluboo Picasso, xfire 2 and other 2 similar smartphones, watch here:, watch and get more info about these devices.