Leak: Nubia Z11 gets its curves glimpsed

ZTE’s Nubia seem to be in full form these days. The brand already has a launch or two scheduled for this month, but despite that it seems as though the interest in the brand’s upcoming product is roaring.

Earlier today, fresh images leaked from China depict the upcoming Nubia Z11. The pictures are far from comprehensive, but give a peek at the upcoming phone from Nubia.

This sub-brand of ZTE has always focused on phones that look good. In fact, Nubia is one of the reasons why Meizu had to let go of their famed halo home button.


Anyway, back on subject — the leaked pictures. The pictures leaked with a social media teaser from Nubia, that had all but a circle on it; perhaps to suggest “round on both sides”, which in turn could point at the curved glass on either side of the phone.

Take a look at the leaked pictures of the Nubia Z11 here.

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Thoughts on this upcoming device?

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