Lei Jun shows off a Mi Band with a screen, could it...

Lei Jun shows off a Mi Band with a screen, could it control a drone?

mi band screen

When it comes to leaks there is nothing better than a CEO just cutting through the marketing and showing us what’s coming next, a move that Lei Jun has recently taken with the next gen Mi Band.

My personal go to wearable is a Mi Band (the Pulse is on my wrist at the time of writing), and I love it for it’s simple strap on and wear functionality, but more so the 30 day+ battery life.

However much I like the Mi Band though, it could be much better with a screen so wearers can easily see their step count for the day, BPM and even the time, and that’s exactly what we can all hope to expect from the next generation Xiaomi Wearable.

In a photo posted by Lei Jun, the new Mi Band has a simple LCD display, and also looks much wider than the current model, hopefully meaning a larger battery and an equally long battery life.

The Mi Band unit appears to come in a pod that sits inside a simple strap like the current (and previous versions of the wearable) and it also looks like a simple single physical button is part of the design too.

Mi Band Controlled Drone?

xiaomi drone patent

In past patent leaks Xiaomi have been seen to be working on a drone that can follow the wearer of a Mi Band and even receive simple commands from gestures made by a Mi Band wearer. Obviously the current Mi Band isn’t capable of this, but could the model in the leaked photo have the goodies for these features?

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  • Assefa Hanson

    lol look at his face “hurry up and take the F*&%ing picture”, also is it possible for phones to act axs a wireless charger for these wearables or is that just a bad idea??

    • Unknown

      MI4S AND MI5 are not a success for the company that explain his face.

      • Assefa Hanson


      • balcobomber25

        I don’t personally like the Mi5 but it has been a sales success for Xiaomi. Every Flash sale they have had has sold out in record time and they have had over 17 million reservations for the phone. If that’s not a success I don’t know what it is.

    • Millet Air Purifier

      Its a screenshot made during his broadcast on the Mi Live app you can find out more here: http://news.mydrivers.com/1/479/479408.htm

    • Nah this is just how Chinese people look like

      • Assefa Hanson


  • SnowyCat

    i Would like to see the time and maybe a little indicator for how many missed notifications or something.

  • MaxPower

    It’s a remote control for their last rice cooker.
    You move the wrist and the cooker stirs the rice.

    Try to picture people starting to mimic everyday movements without the utensils… That’s going to be hilarious.

    • Millet Air Purifier

      Im also expecting a rice cooker app for the mitv so you can stir the rice with the motion remote control

    • Maurice

      Hi Max, I heard from Balco that you haven’t been really impressed by the Redmi Note 3 Pro. I was planning to get it but I am now considering the Redmi 3 Pro. I am lost, I don’t know which phone I should order. RN3PRO is a killer phone which bring more in terms of performance thanks to its SD650 but the phone looks bulky (ofc it is a Note). Redmi 3 Pro has a similar design and low resolution screen but its SOC is below when compared to the SD650. I will protect the phone with a silicone case so the RN3PRO will become wider. Shame it doesn’t have a width of 74mm…

      There is also a new Redmi 3A coming in few weeks with a brand new SOC SD435. Should I wait for it or get the Redmi 3 Pro with its SD616 SOC. MI4C with 3GB RAM is sold at $200 but it doesn’t have SD card slot.

      Thanks for your help.

      • MaxPower

        I’m used to zero bugs phones and that’s why I can’t tolerate bugs with the phones I use.
        I’m also very picky.

        The RN3 Pro has few bugs that might be fixed soon.
        MIUI 8 of behind the corner, they might also upgrade to Marshmallow soon.

        Besides few software issues the phone is pretty solid, ridiculously great battery life.

        If you want a small phone then go with the Redmi 3, if u like big then RN3 Pro.

        • Maurice

          Thanks buddy, I think I am going to buy the Redmi 3 Pro even if I would have preferred an SOC like the new SD625. Redmi Note 3 Pro has a width of 76mm and I am planning to use a silicone case so it will make the phone wider. Considering its size I should get a jacket with huge pockets which is not easy to find. If RN3PRO had a width of 74mm I would have gone for it. If you could check on your side what’s the exact width of the phone is it will probably help me to make my decision. I am also considering the MI4C with 3gb ram and 32gb rom. It will be better for gaming, it will bring a better screen and a great camera compared to Redmi 3 Pro. The only thing I will lose if I go for the MI4C is the battery life of the Redmi 3 and Micro SD slot. Damn tough decision to make!

          • MaxPower

            It looks like it’s mostly up the Redmi 3 Pro and MI4C.

            As for power, we should be pretty close, sure, for gaming the MI4C is better but if you don’t play all the time then at the end the real advantage of the MI4C is the camera.

            The Redmi instead has SD card slot which is very demanded from customers and the battery is something that amazes me.

            I love the MI4C and I was considering buying one in the past but this Redmi 3 Pro is a nice phone.
            It’s up to what’s most important to you. The practical vs the good camera

            • Maurice

              Yes, thank you for your suggestions Max. I really appreciate your help!

  • Angry Mobile Nerd

    He looks a little shit-faced if you ask me, probably at a dinner of some sort and already too many bai jiu shots.

    • badoumtse

      Exactly my thought

  • yogiw

    GIZCHINA !!!
    ARE U OK?????