Lei Jun shows off a Mi Band with a screen, could it control a drone?

mi band screen

When it comes to leaks there is nothing better than a CEO just cutting through the marketing and showing us what’s coming next, a move that Lei Jun has recently taken with the next gen Mi Band.

My personal go to wearable is a Mi Band (the Pulse is on my wrist at the time of writing), and I love it for it’s simple strap on and wear functionality, but more so the 30 day+ battery life.

However much I like the Mi Band though, it could be much better with a screen so wearers can easily see their step count for the day, BPM and even the time, and that’s exactly what we can all hope to expect from the next generation Xiaomi Wearable.

In a photo posted by Lei Jun, the new Mi Band has a simple LCD display, and also looks much wider than the current model, hopefully meaning a larger battery and an equally long battery life.

The Mi Band unit appears to come in a pod that sits inside a simple strap like the current (and previous versions of the wearable) and it also looks like a simple single physical button is part of the design too.

Mi Band Controlled Drone?

xiaomi drone patent

In past patent leaks Xiaomi have been seen to be working on a drone that can follow the wearer of a Mi Band and even receive simple commands from gestures made by a Mi Band wearer. Obviously the current Mi Band isn’t capable of this, but could the model in the leaked photo have the goodies for these features?

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