Are we getting Meizu MX6 in June at the earliest ?

April has been a pretty busy month for Meizu this year, because they managed to launch three new phone models in a scope of just 20 days. Everybody can find something optimal in the lineup, M3 for the budget segment, more midrange oriented M3 Note and Pro 6 for the highend. But how about the MX line, are we going to see the new Meizu MX6 anytime soon if ever ?

According to the latest micro-blogging posts of chinese analysts the Meizu MX6 is definitely real and in the making, but the release is planned somewhere “in the second half of the year”. So at the earliest we can expect the phone to surface in late June or rather July, but the wait could be even significantly lower.


The big question reamins though, where will the MX6 model slot into the lineup. The Pro 6 model being a kind of a disappointment hardware-wise considering the premium price tag the MX6 can’t get nearly the same hardware, because it could cannibalize the flagship sales. Or are we going to see a full reversal and the MX once again on the top instead of the Pro ? Time will tell.

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