Xiaomi Yi 2 with 4K video recording coming soon

Xiaomi’s Yi, despite having spent quite some time on the market, is still quite a ‘hot’ choice among action camera seekers. That said, Xiaomi has been known to be working on a successor to the Yi. More details about it have just surfaced, courtesy the Yi Technology website — i.e., the company that makes the Yi for Xiaomi.

The biggest update that the Yi will undergo is video resolution — it’ll now have a 4K compatible camera. The existing Xiaomi Yi does have a ‘hack’ that allows you to use a higher reclusion, but nothing like having native support. 4K will be possible thanks to the Sony IMX377 sensor that the Yi 2 will have on board.

According to sources, the next-gen Xiaomi Yi will come with a  2.19-inch touchscreen display with Gorilla Glass on top, while the lens is upgraded to 160-degrees from the 155-degrees of the current model. Moreover, a 1400mAh battery will fit inside the chassis of the Yi 2 to give it a recording life of up to 110 minutes on a single charge. What do you expect from Xiaomi’s 2nd-gen action camera?

yi-action-camera-2-03 yi-action-camera-2-04 yi-action-camera-2-02 yi-action-camera-2-01

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