UMI Super reveals the Panasonic main camera

The UMI Super new “sub brand” lineup is more or less a public secret now and we are quite curious if it really turns out to be a full lineup of coming devices or it just stops with the first one released. Nonetheless looking interesting and let’s see if it can live up to the expectations.

You already surely have some pretty good idea about the first UMI Super phone from our previous articles so not many surprises left with the specs. Almost everything has been revealed like the Super AMOLED display with the 0.001 mm thin touch layer allegedly improving the picture quality and sunlight legibility, the generous 6 GB RAM, usage of the USB Type-C connector or the 4000 mAh battery capacity with fast charge support.

UMI Super will be also equipped with circular rear fingerprint scanner with 3D technology and should be more secure thanks to the 4 levels of security with the papillary lines scanning. First it should scan the ridge flow, then ridge formation, ridge path deviation and 3D ridge depth in the end.

Today they have revealed the usage of the 13 MPix Panasonic sensor in the main camera, but sadly there is no information about the exact sensor type. So aside the usual promo talk about the better picture and better everything we learned only something new with the statement, that the camera lens is not going to be protruding from the body, which is good.


Last piece of UMI news is the event happening over at the official UMI website, where you can get a 70$ discount coupon applicable for the UMI Super presale.

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