Vivo X7 could replace the Vivo Xshot first leak

vivo x7 leak

Vivo have released the long anticipated Vivo Xplay 5 earlier this year but what is going on with the next generation Vivo Xshot?

It took 2 years for the Vivo Xplay 5 to launch, and its been around a similar amount of time since the original (and excellent) Vivo Xshot launched, so when will we see its successor?

Well for the past few months I’ve mentioned a few times I don’t think the phone is going to ever see the light of day, and today new rumours have surfaced which could confirm this.

According to sources the Vivo Xshot range will be replaced with a new model called the Vivo X7. Not only are we given a name for the new phone but above is even a first leaked image of the front of the new handset.

As you can see the Vivo X7 has the usual Vivo white faceplate, but we now see an oval physical home buttons similar to the Oppo R9 (and OnePlus 3).

Specs for the Vivo X7 aren’t known at this stage, but it is believed that the new device will launch at the end of June. Watch this space.

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