UMI Super fingeprint scanner comparison video vs. Meizu and Apple phones

We have probably already covered everything there is to know about the UMI Super phone, but the company is not laying down arms yet. So today they have published a video comparing the fingerprint scanner speed of their model and the competition represented by iPhone 6s and Meizu Note 3.

It’s pretty obvious from the beginning who will emerge as the winner from the comparison and (fanfare pending) its the UMI Super ! Not just the fingeprint scanner is the fastest one from the lineup, but it also communicates the best with the UI. Furthermore UMI claims that the unlock could be as fast as 0.1s, which while theoretically possible, it’s really down to perfectly optimized system and software. And honestly, could you tell a difference between let’s say 0.1s and 0.2s ?

The newest firmware update for UMI Super designated V3.01_ 20160614 should even more optimize the fingerprint scanner and will be available via OTA in about a week.

If you would be interested in buying UMI Super you can do so right here and if you want to get the $70 discount coupon you can register here.

And now let’s finally take a look at the fingeprint scanner comparison video. Shhh don’t spoil the winner yet…

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