LeTV next flagship is rumoured to have SD821 and 8GB RAM!!

LeTV next flagship is rumoured to have SD821 and 8GB RAM!!


LeTV are rumoured to be working on a new flagship phone with the latest Snapdragon 821 chipset and a huge 8GB RAM!!
It all started last year when Asus launched the Zenfone 2 with the then staggering 4GB RAM, and since then we have seen RAM increase across all Chinese smartphones to the point that this year Vivo, ZUK and OnePlus now all have 6GB RAM phones, but soon there could be even more!

Apparently LeTV are working on a new LeMax 2 that will have a few new key features. First of all renders of the phone show that the device will be available in an option of either red, blue or silver, where previous LeTV/LeEco phones only make in white or gold.

But it’s the rumoured hardware which really has us foaming at the mouth. According to Chinese press, the new LeMax 2 could be one of the first smartphones to launch with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 chipset, and to top it off, 8GB RAM!!

If those processing specs weren’t enough then the phone is also believed to have a 25 mega-pixel camera on the rear just above a touch fingerprint scanner.

The rumour even gives us a possible price for the phone too, an amazing 3000 Yuan! So what do you think of this news? Is an 8GB RAM phone really what the smartphone market needs? Isn’t 6GB RAM already too much?

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  • ksuuk

    And phone size?

  • Inti Energia

    They can change the processor but are somehow incapable of producing a black phone?

  • petarr90

    Yeah, 8 gb of RAM is something that I would go for, but only if it has dual boot Android + Windows 10 and (not necessary, but desired) HDMI output. 4k+ mah battery also.

    • Stef

      Honestly, given how I saw most people using their devices, 8gigs of Ram makes more sense to a consumption OS (android) thaN Windows.

      People on Android do what is called “app hopping” , there is a roulette of 8-12 apps that they frequently jump too. With 8gb of ram you eliminate loading between them (everything gets cached eventually).

      In Windows things are different. People mostly use one piece of software at a time, mostly close background apps so that it in will not “bother them” by having them in their start bar. And while there is software that will happily use all 8 gigs there, people mostly don’t use those. I don’t know many who do serious photo/video editing for example…

      So yeah, most people usage patterns would prefer having that much memory to android, not windows. That’s partly the reason why Windows machines seem stucK to 4-8gb of total ram for the longest time and phones seem to be surpassing them…

      Instead I prefer that (*finally*) Google would push to get some the pro Apps to Android. Now that their very own Chrome OS supports android apps, it’s finally time that android should grow up and starts offering creation software as well. That is to say serious photo/video editing and compiling at first. The hardware is clearly there, no reason to postpone that anymore…

      • NextHype

        “n Windows things are different. People mostly use one piece of software at a time, mostly close background apps so that it in will not “bother them” by having them in their start bar”

        You should stop by any company and check how ppl use their computers. 8 Excel tables open, 3 ppt pres, 5 tabs in IE, a few professionnal apps too… plus they won’t reboot their computer for a while and call IT because their computer is “too slow”.
        How’s that for a RAM stress ^^

        • Stef

          Which is why I was talking of home use. I didn’t say that companies are better to use android, only home computers that are mostly used for consumpion.

          People use their electronics for a lot more time on things like Facebook, youtube and games combined than anything that does work. It’s obvious that their strong device should be the one that uses up most of their time.

          • NextHype

            My bad, i thought you were writting on OS general issues

        • Stef

          Again (like I wrote to the other poster too). I speak of home use. You don’t use phones as your main tools on your company, right? If so an office computer is not a valid comparison…

          For home/personal use Ram is preferable to be loaded on phones that people stress more, rather than computers… For professional work, obviously computers need more ram…

  • Steven Fox

    I think you mean the SD823, not 821.

    • balcobomber25
      • Steven Fox

        WoW, all that extra 5% performance, I must upgrade from my SD820 🙂
        This is just like the SD801, a slight CPU/GPU clock boost.
        I do agree I was wrong though, first time I heard of the SD821.

        • balcobomber25

          Yea it’s exactly like the SD800/801 and all their variants.

          • Steven Fox

            So no real upgrade, have been thinkering with a LeEco 820 Max, and I have to say the SD820 isa really great chip, just like the original SD800 was, blew everything out of the water.
            But if you want the best performance in day-to-day tasks, the Kirin 955 is jsut a dat snappier, but when it comes to gaming the Adreno 530 demolishes absolutely everything.

            • balcobomber25

              I used the Mi5 for a few weeks when I was traveling in China (loaner from a friend). The 820 is a very good chip but I am not a huge gamer on Mobile so it is pretty much overkill for me.

            • Steven Fox

              Me too, that’s why I`m waiting to get the Honor 8(or v8). But has to be below 300$, at 450$ it`s not worth it, as I can get the Mate 8 for 380$.

            • balcobomber25

              I like the Mate 8 a lot, I used one a few weeks ago and it really impressed me. For now I am actually loving my Nextbit Robin, except for the camera which is below average at best.

            • Steven Fox

              Heard that too, but such a small company had to make sacrifices somewhere.

            • balcobomber25

              The design and speakers more than makes up for it IMO, I am so tired of metal phones with the same dull colors. I have a Cannon Rebel if I really want to take great pictures.

  • Colin

    At 8GB, they may as well load the whole OS to RAM.

    • nobitakun

      because, why not? lol

    • Stef

      Basically that’s most of the point. Through caching that is eventually what happens. I had a hands in with One plus 3 and the thing is *finally* as fast as an iPhone. Because guess what! No ram management issues anymore, I rarely saw loading screens, even in games. Finally android would feel smooth as butter…

  • Trayanee

    And its going to be rose gold again..

  • Rob

    The sd823 is nothing to get excited about as it’s only a very slight clock increase on the CPU and won’t be noticed outside of synthetic benchmarks. As for 8gb ram, about time! Fed up with phones with a mere 6gb as that’s barely enough to get the thing to boot up! Lol on a serious note, if this has a 6″ 2k screen I might have to upgrade my Meizu?

  • Xiaolu

    I was expecting this… in 2018 😛

    Please Canonical, launch the Ubuntu Edge with ambition… and 8 gigs of RAM!

  • Hellvetta

    Without black front panel again? LeTV go by.

  • Joel Adames

    Well the color options thing is catching up.
    So 8gbRam maybe not necessary now but ILL TAKE IT…
    the sad part is they migth forget about battery for power users Ina power-user-phone. ?

  • 8GB RAM!!?? This is just a mine-is-bigger-than yours thing. How many users will ever need 8GB of RAM – a very small percentage of high end gamers, not normal users.

    • Marco Lancaster

      And there is no game to really use this Ram right now, I can multitask and run games fine even with my “few” 3GB.

  • Kurious

    I think that 8GB ram is not enough, they should go for at least 32GB ram! Phone market is saturated and manufacturers don’t know what to invent in order to justify the high prices they ask for their devices. Only a niche of users would need 8GB ram.

  • shmox

    RAM = Ruin All (your) Money

  • balcobomber25

    Now it’s just getting out of hand with RAM.

    • Marius Cirsta

      You can actually run VMs on your phone now. 4GB for Android host, 4GB for Windows guest 🙂

      • balcobomber25

        I would never even want to run Windows on my phone.

        • Marius Cirsta

          Haha, and you think I would. It was just a joke. Let’s make it a VM with Debian then 🙂

          • balcobomber25

            Now Debian I would definitely use! Lol.

    • Marco Lancaster

      For me 3GB is enough, 4GB is already a lot more than I would use, but it is becoming a standard in flagships, so ok, 6GB is a big steep for me, just marketing for now, I wonder how useless 8GB would be in the current time and apps that we have…

  • Assefa Hanson

    GOOD NEWS!! now 6gbram and 4ggbram prices will drop helllllooooo 200 dollar phones with 6gbram in 2017

  • Marius Cirsta

    Wtf man, RAM actually uses power and once they have that much RAM software developers will become lazy and use more and more of it …
    If only people paid more attention to Bill when he said that no one needs more than 640 KB

  • Ionut Johnny

    I wouldn’t mind 8 gb, I have 2 on my redmi note 3 pro, no hiccups, no errors, nothing but more progression is always welcomed as long as they have different variants of the phone/prices.

  • Hakim Farouk

    Now this is too much of a gimmick. We don’t need 8gb ram. We won’t utilise it. marshmallow and the current apps just won’t utilise it.

  • Keko

    Good specs but I don’t buy phones because of black screen bazel, rear fingerprint sensor and more important lack of 3.5 headphone jack.

    • Karly Johnston

      Too bad no one selling the Z2 Pro at a reasonable price.

  • Leblebicizade Mehmet Efendi

    8gb ram means “my dick is bigger than yours”. But, size is not a matter, let’s talk about functionality.

    • Turco

      According to my experiences, size is a matter and I have a big one 🙂

    • Stef

      It would also mean no loading , ever. And since most of the wait android users have are due to loading, it would mean the fastest phone in existence.

  • Nolan

    I wonder if this phone’s AnTuTu v6 score will cross the 150,000 mark?

    The answer is most likely no, but I will wait and see.
    Have deferred my purchase for now, and will likely hold out another quarter.

    • Aeonia

      The one plus 3 scores 146k on antutu and has the snapdragon

      820. I think it’s safe to say the s821 will definitely cross 150k

  • Ceza-test

    The desing of this brand is terrible!!!!

    • Danny

      It isn’t you just don’t like it.

  • Angry Mobile Nerd

    lol at the comments. And when it launches everyone will still want one.

  • yalok

    LeEco now listens more to the voice of marketing, rather than common sense.

  • Karly Johnston

    6GB hasn’t done anything for the OP3.

    • Stef

      Did you use OP3? Or did you you just read reviews?

      Because I did and only a crazy person would say that that much ram did nothing. It was basically the fastest experience I ever had on a phone. Yes beating even s7 edge, for the simple reason that everything was preloaded in ram so I had no wait to open my apps.

      Wanted to make a Google search? The app opened in milliseconds! How about a game? Ashalt opened without a wait.

      people don’t realize how much huge ram would transform phone use! You would literally never be able to return to 4GB or lower phones once you will get used to 6GB+ phones, they would seem like old hardware by then.

      There is no component that makes as much difference on a Androd phone as Ram, it basically allows for much higher informational entropy, which everything you could ask on a complex system…

      • yalok

        Currently the 6Gigs don’t help it at all.

      • Karly Johnston

        Unless you root and edit the build prop it manages RAM worse than a 3GB device. Anything light on an 820 will open in milliseconds nutjob.

        • Stef

          1) I was using an edited OP3, pretty much everybody does and after the scandal, OP is going to fix it shortly
          2) You’re being reported
          3) Most of the stuff people are using are either not light (Games for example) or they are required to remember your last position (internet/instagram/facebook browsing).

          Think before posting! You sound like a tool.

          • Karly Johnston

            OP did that to conserve battery life, and it is already below average. They won’t be changing it. Read Carl Pei before making accusations.

            • Stef

              I don’t work for OP, a friend of mine is a reviewer and had early access to it.

              It’s much more optimal to solve battery issues via controlling wakelocks than by killing one of the great assets of the phone. That’s pretty much what Samsung did after last year’s Note 5 Ramgate (they solved it in Marshmallow without affecting battery life). So -yeah- I would be very surprised if OP won’t solve it after all this…

  • Francis Sim

    Using Le 1 X600 now and switching up to Le 2. I am leaning towards 6GB being more of an overkill. Seldom run into RAM shortage with the current 3GB.