Homtom HT10 with an iris scanner available for preorder from June 20th

Homtom company has been profiling so far as the maker of the budget phones, but seems like they are trying to break the pattern and the upcoming Homtom HT10 model is their try to establish a position at a higher food chain level.

Presales of HT10 are starting today and will last until July 15th, while the presale price is as usual lower than the retail one, specifically it’s $229.99, so 20 dollars discount.

As already mentioned in the title Homtom HT10 is going to be equipped with an iris scanner, but Homtom is trying to clarify things for the potential buyers that it’s different from the retina scanner. Those two technologies are quite often getting mixed up so the clarification is perfectly valid and necessary.

So what’s the difference between these two technologies ? Both works with scanning human the eye, that’s a given. Iris scanner uses the high resolution camera or IR scanner to obtain the data and then software is going to match them against the stored blueprint. Iris scan is done in matter of seconds and the user shouldn’t be wearing glasses or comtact lenses because of possible reflections and distortions. Iris scanning technology is used for example at the airports or building extrances with the need of some security. And of course in smartphones and computers.

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HT10Retina scanning on the other hand belongs to the real biometric identity recognition and is used in some high value objects like military bases or nuclear silos. Retina scan is almost impossible to fake or duplicate, it’s about 70 times more accurate and precise than the iris scan. But the downside is the speed, because retina scan needs at least 15 seconds to fully scan the eye, which would be impossible in mobile devices.

So it’s clear that the Homtom HT10 is using the faster method of eye recognition and still it guarantees high level of user comfort and security. You can buy the HT10 for the aforementioned $229.99 presale price for example here.

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  1. Muhammad Yasir
    June 20, 2016

    im prepared to see reviews labelling this phone as ” THE MOST HORRIFYING PIECE OF S**T TO EVER SEE DAYLIGHT “

  2. MitsosDaBest
    June 20, 2016

    Is it so hard for a company, to put backlight buttons at a $300 phone? Are they stupid?

  3. hak
    June 22, 2016

    Lol, its gonna work real well in the dark …
    Also, grab a facebook profile pic to unlock the phone … cool !!