Chuwi Hi12 magnetic keyboard finally official

Chuwi Hi12

Chuwi Hi12 is one of the most interesting non-Core M tablets on the market, but the optional keyboard dock is in fact not optional at all. For full comfort and functionality it’s just needed and every Hi12 user needs to be searching for one.

So far the availability of the keyboard dock has been pretty sketchy with most stores having only some knock-offs or simply out of stock. Situation is finally getting better now, cos we got word directly from Chuwi about the grey version keyboard magnetic dock being officially released soon.


They keyboard itself is pretty sturdy, made from aluminum alloy with strong magnetic hinge for the tablet attachement. The hinge can operate up to 120 degree angle and the docking port has been improved, so no chance for the tablet to accidentally fall off. Two USB 2.0 ports are also located on the sides of the base so the portability skyrockets with the dock, because the Hi12 doesn’t have full sized USB ports on its body.


The price for the keyboard dock is expected to hover around the $40 mark and for such money you are getting very good value. So if you are even thinking about the Chuwi Hi12 then save yourself the trouble and order the dock right away with it.

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