Red OnePlus 3 could be coming soon

red oneplus 3

Eagle eyed OnePlus fans have spotted a red OnePlus 3 which could launch in China shortly.

Way back when I was invited to the OnePlus company launch in Beijing all those years ago, I was one of the lucky few people to see the first OnePlus prototype. It was a none working dummy phone, but what I remember most was the bright red finish the phone had.

At the time Carl Pei said he wasn’t keen on the colour and that it probably wouldnt launch in red, but perhaps things have changed.

Over on the Chinese OnePlus site, a red OnePlus 3 had breifly appeared online, showing the metal bodied phone with a red anodised finished. This option might only be coming to Chinese customers (the colour red is seen as lucky), but whatever the case the image has now been taken offline.

Currently the OnePlus 3 is only available in Graphite, with a Soft Gold version due to launch in July. No official details of the red model have been released.

On a personal note, my OnePlus 3 still hasn’t shipped and I am thinking to cancel my order.

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