OnePlus 3 delayed to 4th July in UK and Ireland. Here’s where to order one now!

For those of you following my OnePlus 3 order you will know that my phone has been delayed, luckily there is a way to get your OP3 right now.

Customers in the UK and Ireland are seeing delays for their OnePlus 3 phones ordered through the official OnePlus store. Delays aren’t uncommon from OnePlus, but it’s a little irritating when the company stops responding to support tickets, and then disables their ticket system so no new tickets can be created!

What’s more the ‘cancel order’ option which was available yesterday has also been removed, but thankfully I paid with Paypal and requested to cancel my order through them. Yes, I’ve finally cancelled it, but I will still be getting the OnePlus 3.

Just to give you an idea of how my order with OnePlus has been handled here is a quick rundown of the timeline:

  • 14th June: Ordered the OP3 and Bamboo case on launch day and launch hour through OP official UK store.
  • 14th June: Issue with payment showing up in OP account although funds were taken from Paypal.
  • 14th June: Phone expected to ship 19th July, no updates after the 19th.
  • 21st June: Contacted OP support and was told there was an issue with the OnePlus order system and given a $10 discount code. Also told phone would ship 5-9 days later.
  • 24th June: Phone isn’t shipped, no response from OnePlus support.
  • 28th June: Contacted OP support again, no response.
  • 29th June: OnePlus removes the option to add support tickets, removes ‘cancel order’ button, and changes shipping time to 4th July. Still no answer to my open support tickets.
  • 29th June: I contacted Paypal to get my money back.
  • 29th June: Ordered OnePlus 3 with Bamboo cover from Phone in stock estimated delivery time 3 days by DHL.
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As already mentioned part of the reason why I ordered my OP3 through the official OnePlus store was to see how the experience really is, and as you can see it is pretty dreadful.

And yes, I do know that OnePlus posted a statement in their forums about the delay, but they had also been given ample opportunity to reply to support tickets (even if it was just a link to the forum post), or even email customers to inform them of the problems.

But, I still like the look of the phone (although the Axon 7 costs only slightly more) and I do want to get one, so I have ordered my OnePlus 3 from The cost is slightly more than buying from OnePlus but I know that my support tickets will be answered, and that the phone will actually finally ship.

Keep posted for more updates.

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