Homtom HT17 journey – from the first circuit board to the delivery

The Homtom company are pretty proud and satisfied with their new HT17 model and they are shouting left and right that it’s a first model equipped with MT6737 processor and running Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The jump from MT6735 to MT6737 should improve not just the performance, but theoretically also the power efficiency and graphical horsepower.

To document the full phone journey through creation process and distribution we have plenty of pictures directly from Homtom company to show the customers everything connected with the phone.

Gizchina News of the week

First 50 piece batch of the HT17 phones started the last testing runs on June 25th and after successful completion of the gauntlet mass production commenced on June 28th. We can see that everything is fully under control and tested properly both hardware and software-wise.

Now it seems like everything is done and packed, warehouses are full of the Homtom HT17 boxes so nothing stands in the way of the final chapter of the journey, distribution to the customers.

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