How’s the Elephone P9000 battery life following the latest update ?

Some time ago we have informed about the planned firmware update for some “older” Elephone devices, though “older” in the Elephone book mean probably “two weeks or such”, because that’s about the right time span for them to announce a new model already.

But on a more serious note we will take a look at the impact the update had on the battery life of Elephone P9000, because the OTA update designated 20160608 focused mainly on that. Screens documenting the changes are from official sources so take them with a pinch of salt and because it’s all in chinese we will try to make a quick summary just for you.

In the pics you can see the non-updated P9000 on the left and the updated P9000 on the right. Both are charged up to 100 % and after the first half an hour lasting gaming test the difference in the battery consumption is 5 % in favour of the updated one. After six hours of gaming the difference rises to 13 % and after 2 days of standby mode the non-updated phone is at measly 1 %, while the updated still sports 28 % of the battery.

So if we choose to believe such claims and pictures, then the updade can be surely called a success.

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