Homtom HT16 reveals some of its specs and features

Homtom are working on a new summer phone for the young generations, or at least the marketing is trying to spin it that way. We have already mentioned some things about the Homtom HT16 model on our website, but so far only some general information, which we plan to expand a bit today.

Aside of the fact that the phone is going to be made with cold color shades and the back cover will have a smooth texture, we already learned that the OS will be the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

So what’s new then ? Homtom are apparently trying to offer the younger generation some easier controls so the phone will be supporting gestures, including the off screen ones. Another important feature should be the 3000 mAh battery with some special battery saving mode allowing up to 20 % less energy drain.

Well and last but no least comes the fact that Homtom HT16 will be a dual SIM model, which is quite common these days, but still looks good on the resume eh ?

We are expecting more and more Homtom HT16 specs and information to surface soonish so stay tuned.

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