Uhans A101 – a nostalgic Nokia phones tribute in the making ?

Uhans engineers are working right on the first model of the “A” line and the Uhans A101 looks like a small and decent tribute to the legendary Nokia phones. Uhans claim that even though Nokia as a brand is already dead for quite some time it lives on in the memories of many happy user and achieved quite the legendary status.

And with their Uhans A101 model they want to give the Nokia some kind of a salute and a wink and continue in the best tradition of the Nokia classical features. Hard to beat the legend of course, but they are determined to get as close as possible.

Uhans A101 should be a sturdy and robust model so the users wouldn’t have to be afraid about the possible scratching or destroying it easily. The phone should be equipped with the MT6737 processor and the projected price will be certainly kept quite low. All in all this not going to be an elegant gentleman in a tuxedo, but young and restless guy in older t-shirt and jeans 🙂

Yeah it all sounds quite a lot like a marketing stunt, but why not. Let’s hope for the best and maybe the Uhans A101 is going to surprise us all in a good way, it should enter the market somewhere in August.

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