Smartwatch No.1 G5 – new smartwear device with the MT2502 processor

No need to further introduce the chinese smartwatch maker No.1, because their numerous products are just flooding the market. And seems like another one is on its way, because the newest No.1 G5 chronometer just got announced sporting the usual hardware running the MT2502 processor.

Rest of the specs look fairly standard with the circular display using 240 x 240 pixel resolution, 380 mAh battery capacity, Bluetooth 4.0 and all the usual functions. No.1 promise full Android/iOS compatibility so universal usage for anybody.

Pictures can say more than thousand words so you can check the following gallery to get an idea how the No.1 G5 are going to look and for all the detailed specs you can click here.

The smwartwatches should be launched on August 12th with a price starting at $20 dollars, but gradually rising to the retail $40. More information about watches to follow next days.

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