Small Screen OnePlus 3 shows up in benchmarks

oneplus 3 gold

With the OnePlus X slowly being phased out, and confirmation that the company will no longer maker mid-range phones, could this leave space in the range for a OnePlus 3 mini?

Rumours of a OnePlus 3 Mini are nothing new, but they have been reignited today thanks to benchmarks showing a OnePlus device with a 4.6-inch display. We’ve seen similar leaks in the past and what generally happens is the 4.6-inch measurement is a glitch in the benchmark and the real physical size be more like 5-inches.

A 5-inch OP3 would be a good option for people not wanting the 5.5-inch footprint of the current model, and could also make a good replacement for the OPX which won many fans when launched last year.

It’s not only the screen size leaked in the benchmarks though, and the read out also tells of a mini OnePlus with 2.2Ghz Snapdragon 820 chipset, 6GB RAM, 64GB memory and 16 mega-pixel main camera, or in other words the exact same specs as the full size OP3.

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oneplus 3 mini benchmarks

OnePlus haven’t made any comment regarding the possibility of a smaller flagship, but we hope if they do launch one they can do a little better with updates and battery life (mine get’s worse with every OTA!).

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  1. Simon
    August 4, 2016

    Carl Pei already tweeted its not going to happen:

  2. pa5t1s
    August 4, 2016

    Same here: Carl answered “No” to PhoneArena’s tweet this morning…

  3. greg
    August 4, 2016

    It seriously gets worse with each update Andi ? in wich way ?