Ulefone Metal electric saw massacre

Although i’m a big horror fan, sometimes it’s good to make an exception and enjoy some old fashioned phone torture flick. And the latest blockbuster from Ulefone is just that, somebody is attacking the poor Ulefone Metal with an electric saw, so most certainly R rated movie.

First the back cover of the Metal gets tortured, but survives only with minor injuries. But the following edge cutting is brutal and the weak hearted viewers should be closing their eyes for the worst moments. Deep and painful damage.

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But in the end the hero always triumphs, so the mighty Ulefone Metal survives the vile electric saw attack. Yes the wounds run deep, but the phone still fuctions and stands tall. After all check out the funny video yourselves.

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  1. Sanjay Jha
    August 5, 2016

    Video very violent, ulefone Metal good quality, the screen inside the optical image from the future of energy.

    • Sanjay /OX
      August 5, 2016

      I guess you like being the dumbest person on the planet, because for some reason you still believe that people don’t know that you’re a ulefone employee.
      Your name isn’t Sanjay Jha, and this is not you in the picture, so why you keep impersonating other people in order to promote your company?
      Are you that ashamed of working for ulefone (you should be)?