Uhans A101 – tribute to Nokia or a Samsung Galaxy S7 parody?

The upcoming Uhans A101 already stirred up some controversies, because the manufacturer keeps releasing a bit conflicting statements about the actual design inspirations and such. First it was some kind of a tribute to the legendary Nokia devices, then a reminiscence of a work by the famous architect Antoni Gaudí and now people think it’s rather a Samsung Galaxy S7 or S4 parody. So where is the truth?

If we would compare the Samsung Galaxy S7 with the Uhans A101 we can find the difference in the curving, because Uhans claim that their A101 has much less sharper and massive edges like the Samsung, which should give the user completely different feeling when viewing the phone.

The Uhans A101 also has the rubbery back cover with a smooth texture, which is quite different from the glass Samsung back, but on the other hand it’s smudge and fingeprint resistant and offers easier and firmer grip.

Comparing the hardware is probably a completely futile experience, because it’s just really different galaxies and the Snapdragon 820 in S7 is light years ahead of the MT6737 in the Uhans. And the same can be said more or less about all of the specs so no need going further. The price is another funny comparison, because you can get ten Uhans A101 devices for just one S7.

But A101’s aspirations are not to impress with hardware or anything, but most probably just to offer some affordable reasonable experiece for the budget users, simple yet elegant design and solid price/performance ratio. The price of Uhans A101 should be around 70 dollars and the presale should start just in a matter of days.

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