UMI Max vs. iPhone 6s – 5 hour battery life test video

UMI have released yet another comparison video for their latest UMI Max model and surprise suprise the rival is once again the classic iPhone 6s On the menu is today the battery life test, because UMI claim that the 4000 mAh capacity in UMI Max is capable of a real endurance even in the heavy load.

Video is this time made in a real watchable way, which is maybe less revealing about the exact percentages lost during the testing for either of the phones, but at least it’s enjoyable.

It’s not quite clear from the video itself, but both phones went into rigorous 5 hour testing regime. 15 minutes of chat, 15 minutes of photo shooting, 30 minutes of gaming, 30 minutes of e-book reading, 30 minutes of internet browsing, 30 minutes of offline video playback, 1 hour of social networking and 1 hour of audio playback. After the tests the UMI Max kept 45% of the battery capacity, while the iPhone 6s managed to keep only 35%. UMI claim that such a result is due to the capacity and a special battery saver mode, both things equally responsible for the good endurance,

UMI Max is currently still available for $169.99 for example here.

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