2 years of updates promised for the Honor 8

huawei honor 8

Huawei’s Honor sub brand has announced that owners of the Honor 8 will get a guaranteed 2 years worth of updates for their phone.

While we love that Chinese brands are becoming more international and are building better phones than ever, we are still kind of wound up by poor support by some brands.

What’s strange is that the smaller companies like UMi, Ulefone etc are all releasing updates for their phones quite frequently, but then when you move to the really big players like ZTE or Huawei, updates only come once every blue moon.

Lack of updates worries consumers as they don’t want to buy a new phone only for it to go past its sell by date in a matter of months, which is why Honor’s latest announcement is great news.

The sub brand has promised that their Honor 8 phone will receive at least 2 years worth of updates meaning that buying the phone is going to be a better investment than before.

The announcement does’t mean we will see frequent updates every month or few months though, and it doesn’t necessarily mean the Honor 8 will be update to the latest version of Android each year, but the fact the company are willing to back a device for so long is encouraging.

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