Can the Uhans A101 match the fabled Nokia level of sturdiness?

We already know that the new Uhans A101 is being marketed by some sort of a tribute to the legendary Nokia device. It wants to be good, cheap and affordable to virtually anybody. But many of us oldtimers remember the extreme sturdiness and indestructibility of the old Nokia devices, i think i have one Nokia 3310 still functioning at home even after all these years.

UHANS A101-drop test-2

Uhans people are probably thinking the same so to prove the A101 is just as sturdy as the Nokia phones they have released a video, where we can see the A101 dropped from various heights, which is the most common accident for the mobile users. We can clearly see that the Uhans A101 is protected by the back gel cover to absorb most of the shock. So check out the following video to know how the phone survived.

The Uhans A101 is currently still available in the presales with $59.99 price tag, for example here.

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