Bluboo working on their own dual rear camera phone, the Bluboo Dual

Bluboo Dual

Dual rear camera setups aren’t anything new. They’ve been around for a few years, but it is only 2016 when some real advancements have taken place.

Say for example, the Huawei P9. The Leica-powered camera tech on the phone is responsible for some really nice shots… while on the other hand, the industry behemoth — the Apple iPhone — recently (read: yesterday) joined the dual rear camera league with the iPhone 7.

Meet Bluboo Dual, China’s answer to the dual rear camera thing.

Bluboo Dual

Earlier today, another Chinese phone maker joined the dual rear camera league… Bluboo. They did so with the aptly (uninspringly?) named Bluboo Dual. The phone will feature dual 13 mega-pixel rear cameras, and according to Bluboo, the Dual is ‘A dual camera phone better looking than iPhone 7 Plus‘.

Other specifications of the Bluboo Dual are yet to be revealed. Do you think Xiaomi’s Redmi Pro has ushered a revolution in the Chinese  phone industry? A revolution where dual rear camera phones will be sold for not too much money?

Of course, a lot (lot is an understatement) depends on the optimisation; it isn’t just for the sake of it that companies spend in R&D. So that remains to be seen…

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