Huawei Mate 9 promotional image shows dual cameras

huawei mate 9

Huawei seem to be very happy with their dual camera modules and will be pushing out the Huawei Mate 9 with a similar 2 camera set up.

Over the past few weeks we have seen renders of the Mate 9, but this is the first official looking leak from the company about its new phone.

The image comes from a Weibo user who claims it is an early promotion image, and while the actual render of the phone looks very impressive, we do have some reservations about the font and text used.

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As you can read the image states the Huawei Mate 9 will features a dual 20 mega-pixel main camera design and run the latest self developed Kirin 960 chipsets. The image of the phone also shows us a dual LED flash, rear fingerprint scanner and a very narrow border design.

While the specs mentioned in the leak do match up with what we have heard on the grapevine, we are not convinced that this is a real Huawei image. Still if the phone does look like this then it will be a very handsome one.

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  1. hamaidx
    September 12, 2016

    Now this would be the “Best Smartphone of the Year”, Ofcourse NOTE 7 is the best so far but when Mate 9 launches… It would de-throne the Beast !! Kick Ass looks !!

    • Simon
      September 12, 2016

      Note 7 is not the best and has been very costly to Samsung.

      • Rob
        September 12, 2016

        I disagree, I think the note 7 has been a survival experts dream. I can imagine someone like Bear Grylls stranded on a freezing mountain with no way of lighting a fire and then remembering that along with his swiss army knife he also packed his note 7, problem solved!! lol

        • intruda
          September 12, 2016

          I don’t care what they put inside, it’s my yearly upgrade. Love Huawei.

          These jokes are starting to get lame. Samsung is taking care of it and I have no sympathy for anyone still using the defective device.

      • ramdroid
        September 12, 2016

        It is. Looks and power hands down it is the best device of the year. And Samsung deserves the company of the year with the global recall caring about customers first… Almost all other manufacturers had the same issue and never had the courage to do the same

  2. Nirmal
    September 12, 2016

    I’m so happy with the Huawei P9 dual cameras that I may just buy the mate 9 if it’s picture quality is any better. I can’t believe that I have completely switched to the Android platform from iPhone 6 because of the camera quality. iPhone 7 plus was actually a disappointment for me. Was hoping for a similar setup as the Huawei. Buy they seem to have used a optical zoom setup which isn’t that useful for me. Rather the monochrome camera on P9 has been a revelation.

  3. Muhammad Yasir
    September 12, 2016