UMI Plus – main camera supports both manual and automatic controls

We have already covered all the specifications of the upcoming UMI Plus in our previous articles, but there is still some space to take a closer look at its main camera, its functions and controls. So let’s get to it.

The main selling point for the camera is the PDAF support, so the phase detection auto focus. UMI claim that thanks to PDAF the focusing action is extremely fast with speeds up to 0.1s. The technology should theoretically help the camera to capture photos with blurriness and being able to shoot in low light or capture moving objects properls. Rest of camera specs include 5-element lens, f/2.0 aperture or dual LED flash. So on paper the quality of the output should be quite alright.

Photo enthusiasts will surely happy that the camera will allow for full manual controls and not just the usual automatic. So you can change manually all the values and settings for ISO, exposition, EV, saturation, brightness, contrast and the white balance. Of course the automatic mode is doing all that on its own so if you don’t want the full manual, just stick to the safe automatic choice. For some novelty you can set even stuff like Panorama or PIP.

Check out the following video for the full explanation of the differences between the manual and automatic controls and if that would convince you, then UMI Plus is currently on sale for $179.99, but the stock is apparently limited.

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