UMI Plus assumes the role of a budget flagship

Seems like we have to enrich our vocabularies with a new word, UMI just officially called their latest model UMI Plus a “budget flagship”. Confusion aside it’s probably kind of spot on, because the phone has a resonable $179.99 price tag and okay hardware featuring Helio P10, 4 GB RAM, 4000 mAh battery capacity with fast charge support, 13 Mpix camera with PDAF and Android 6.0 Marshmallow, which comes with a twist, because it will be upgraded to 7.0 roughly around Xmas.


Helio P10 processor is not any breaker of records, but it’s a solid piece of silicone capable of efficient and powerful performance for smooth multitasking, especially with the generous portion of RAM available. But of course the phone is not defined just be the CPU and RAM, UMI tried to provide some special extra functions too. Like the programmable button for fast launch of apps with Camera being set at default.


For a budget flagship the phone has also quite nice Sharp display with the Sunlight technology or handy fingeprint scanner integrated into the Home button and capable of speedy unlocks up to 0,1s. Same time needs the 13 Mpix to focus and the PDAF support is a cherry on the top. Add a full manual control mode and it can appeal to photography lovers, of course if UMI manage to handle the software side of things properly too.


Users also have the freedom of choice to go with either capacitative or physical buttons and that’s not a bad thing, mileage varies for everybody. And they even didn’t forget to add a multicolor notification LED for the easier tracking of the notifications.

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You can see all of the above mentioned features starring in the following video and maybe you can also try winning one UMI Plus for free here. Try your luck.

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