Vernee Apollo Lite gets third OTA firmware update

The Vernee company are still trying to keep their promise about frequent updates for all their devices. It all started with the Vernee Thor model some time ago and so far the customers can’t complain about the speed and general benefits of the updates.

Next on the menu is already the third OTA update for the Vernee Apollo Lite model and after squashing the biggest bugs in the previous ones, this time it should focus more on improvements and tweaks for the phone.

Most important fixes include improvements for the charging process, optimizations for the 2G/3G network signal and better compatibility with the local network carriers. Phone call quality should also get a boost, just as the performance of the front selfie camera. And of course another heap of unspecified fixes and tweaks.

Vernee also announced their plan to upgrade Apollo Lite to Android 7.0 Nougat firmware roughly in December so that’s another positive thing to look forward to. Currently you can buy the Vernee Apollo Lite in a sale event happening from September 27th till October 7th for just $199.99, but the stock is limited to 200 pieces.

And of course we can’t forget to mention the latest Vernee Mars model just hitting the presale and you can find all the information about that here.

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