Cubot V2 dynamic heartrate sensor compared with the competition

With so many smart wearables available lately it can be a daunting task to choose one perfect for your needs. You can be sure though most of them will be equipped with some sort of heartrate monitoring, but not many have the dynamic monitoring in real time.

Among those lucky ones are for example Fitbit charge HR, Mio Alpha2 or Alatech CS010, all of them having an excellent performance and sensitivity. And now you can add the smartband Cubot V2 to the mix, because it also features the dynamic heartrate monitoring function.

Cubot also produced a video showing the V2 smartband compared against the aforentioned models with the Alatech CS010 used as the ideal marker for the measurements.

They used various testers with different body types and all of the measuring happened simultaneously so the results should be somewhat objective. Check out the video yourself to have a better idea about the test and the general perfromance of Cubot V2.

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