ELE Box – Bluetooth speaker in a “Nordic” style

ELE Box – Bluetooth speaker in a “Nordic” style

ELE Box - Bluetooth speaker in a "Nordic" style


And here we go with another new Elephone accessory product and this time it’s aimed at the music lovers. It’s a bluetooth loudspeaker ELE Box , which is trying to catch your attention with some simple “Nordic” style design, at least that’s what the company is trying to call these cold yet paster colors.


They think the loudspeaker can be also having a secondary function as a home decoration and well maybe somebody could really like it enough for that. ELE Box is equipped with a 1000 mAh battery capacity, which should last roughly for 6 hours of continuous playback. And thanks to Bluetooth 4.1 the wireless connection should be stable and clear. You can find more about the device in here.


And speaking about Elephone we can just add one latest bit of information about Elephone S7 presales.The 2GB RAM/16 GB ROM version managed to sell out within 10 days and is no longer available with no plans to restock. But you cans till pre-order the higher 3 GB RAM/32 GB ROM version for $179.99. You can find more information in here and on the official Elephone facebook page.


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  • _jack_

    ahh, no Elephone post without the link to Elephone’s Facebook page 😉
    actually I do like the design.

  • Conrad Aquilina

    Same here, I like the design! If this sounds decent (not perfect), and doesn’t come with major flaws, it looks interesting.

    No, I am not an Elephone employee.

  • daveharrison4

    you can check some better alternative of outdoor speakers here http://outdoorbluetoothspeakers.com/

  • Андрей Буту́сов

    So that is “Nordic” style? xD Never knew what “Nordic” style looked like, but i guess it looks good, love all the different vivid colours on the main frame 🙂

  • Jimmy D.

    Read through the article and didn’t find the thing that interests me the most – price tag for this portable speaker, price is very important! I am sure it won’t cost much, but it is still good to know the price, hopefully the quality will be good too, can’t wait to hear more about this thing!

  • Maya~

    6 hours of playback is quite a lot for a small speaker like that, I really REALLY hope it has a decent sound quality and price ???

  • Marria

    Nice little gadget, useful to have around when you are out with your friends or just when you need some music but you can’t use your headphone. Another good thing is that it looks great as well

  • TheJenny

    The link on the article just goes to http://www.elephone.hk main page, can’t find more info there. Other than that, this is something new from the company and it’s always good when companies start producing new products

  • BS

    looks like a fun old radio, l never knew what’s nordic but l love minimalism designs

  • Giovanni

    is something that I always thought to buy, and a first visual impact, I love it. We’ll see …

  • Girolamo

    Is beautiful if we use it like ornament, I hope also work well as a speaker! 🙂

  • Alfred

    If I’m not mistaken this type of product was not yet thought from Elephone, although I didn’t understand a thing, all the different products from mobile phones should not be marketed under the brand MGCOOL?

  • Dany

    The most important thing to understand for this item is the price. Based on that, after I can talk about!

  • Gaspar

    I think like Dany and Jimmy, the product seems interesting, but we’ll talk about when we’ll know the price!