Video calling announced for WhatsApp (for everyone)

WhatsApp happens to be one of the most popular IM clients around the world. So much so, that in many parts of the world, WhatsApp was a big reason in pushing smartphone sales!

News is that the company has now announced the much-awaited video-calling feature. Yes, you read it right — video calling on WhatsApp!

it’s like a cross-platform version of facetime

WhatsApp was made popular by its extremely simple UI and UX, which didn’t even require a login and password — it worked right from your contacts list. With a growing user base (it has more than 1 billion users right now) came requests for two crucial features — voice and video calling. Voice calling was announced some months back, while here we are talking about video calling.

There’s no clear timeline on when everyone will get the feature. Like most other features, this one too seems to be having a slow rollout. Keep an eye on your app updates, you might be the next one to get it!

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