Elephone P9000 Android 7.0 update video

Elephone have already got Android 7.0 running on their Elephone P9000 phone and made the following video to show the update in action.

As we all know, the big update for Chinese phone makers is Android 7.0. The latest version of Android has been released for months already, but as usual Chinese phone makers are behind on the update cycle and in fact some new phones are still coming with Android 6.0 (see the Vivo X9 launched today as an example).

Elephone, hoping to catch a few headlines, have released the above video that shows Android 7.0 running on the Elephone P9000 which was launched earlier on in the year.

The video doesn’t mean that we can download Android 7.0 on our own phones yet, but we could see a release late this year or perhaps in the first month of 2017.

Android 7.0 on the Elephone P9000 brings a few additional features to the device like a customizable notification bar, split screen video feature, a shortcut to recently used apps, a new settings menu, and new emojis.

The Elephone P9000 is available to buy right now, head over to their website for full details here.

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