Elephone promises that it’s dual camera isn’t a gimmick

elephone max

It’s hard we know, but if you have been following Elephone you’ll have heard of the Elephone Max with dual cameras, well here are a few details.

Elephone do like to drip feed details of phones, which to be honest is getting kind of tiring, but well we’re here to report the ‘news’ so let’s get on with it.

Today it’s the dual camera on the Elephone Max that the company is forcing in front of us, the main point being that it won’t be a ‘gimmick’ but an actual useful feature.

The phone maker promises that the dual camera on the Elephone Max will feature an optical zoom with no moving parts, which sounds like nonsense to us, but hey perhaps they have done it some how.

Better low light performance is highlighted too, and the new camera set up is said to minimise noise.

At this stage of things Elephone hasn’t revealed very detail about the Max, but we do know it will have a fingerprint scanner, slim metal body and Android 7.0, plus a large display.

We’re sure Elephone will be along in a few days to give us a few more feature details so keep posted.

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