HTC’s X10 is the next MediaTek HTC device, still overpriced

HTC has been doing quite well for themselves between Google’s Pixel devices and the HTC Vive. Their own smartphones however haven’t been doing nearly as well, or even well at all. And even though we all know why this is, HTC is still apparently clueless about it.

Their flagship devices don’t have any distinctive features, and their mid-rangers are way overpriced. This trend continues with their new mid-ranger, the recently leaked HTC X10. Decent chipset, no distinctive features, very high price, it successfully ticks all the boxes for a HTC mid-ranger.


The leaks reveal some of the handset’s key specs, including a Helio P10 chipset, a 5.5-inch full HD display, a 13MP rear camera, and 3GB RAM. Most of these specs were already predicted a while back. Add to that the unattractive price of RMB 2,000 (about $287) and the lack of a fingerprint sensor, and you’ve got a recipe for another unsuccessful device.

So what are your thoughts on HTC’s latest and not greatest? Would you pick this up over something similar, or is the HTC name worth that much to you? Tell us your thoughts down below in the comments section.

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